Riding at different speeds has effect on flips?

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed that a lot of riders attempting like trey side doubles, hick doubles and all that flip tech stuff Ride in quite fast into the trick. By riding in a bit faster than normal into a trick help with getting more flips? easier to land? or is this just a personal preference thing?

Thanks, Tirryn.

Well I suck at tech flips, but whenever I tryyy to double I always ride fast. I’m not sure why, but it feels like I can flip faster when I ride faster.

I think starting with speed adds momentum.

Well I belie it does two or three things. First off, doing things rolling, helps you stay over the unicycle. Secondly, I believe (and found this true in my own riding) that If you are going a bit quicker, and then revert all that energy into jumping power, you yourself can jump higher and kick the cranks a little bit harder (as you already have so much force coming down on the wheel) Thirdly I also think that as you are rolling faster, there is less acceleration the over all wheel has to gain (as it is a little bit closer to it’s needed flipping speed) as is true with your feet, that they dont have to kick down much faster than they are already going.

This is my two cents, from what I think I have read elsewhere and noticed in my own riding. I have never landed a double flip, per say but I know the above has gotten me very close :smiley:

Cheers, Xyphota

Some interesting views on it. I find that riding slower, i can build up more power for my flip, I wreckon i’ll experiment with riding in faster and see what happens, maybe it’ll help.

I dont do techy tricks ever, but what ive found to help out the most is speed for doubles. I can do them slow but they are much harder and they dont look as cool. I find speed helps with my flips and it gives them a nice style as well.

When i did treyflips i noticed that i had to roll into them pretty fast so i can could get the full flip. Maybe this is just me but i think for bigger and more flips speed helps out more than going slow and getting power out of the cranks.

I tried some flip tricks with a faster run up for a small amount of time today, i found that you don’t get enough time to build up kick for the flip, and ends up being a crap flip. hmm it’s interesting…