Riding around Washington D.C., USA

Anybody here from the Washington, D.C. area?

For some time I have been thinking that it would be fun to ride around Washington DC and do some sightseeing on one wheel. Has anyone tried that? Would it be safe to bike-lock unicycles outside while you go inside the museums? Would it be allowed to travel on the Metro with a unicycle?

I’m from Maryland and I think I could answer your questions, although I’ve never uni’d in DC. I’ve biked there.

I’m sure it would be safe to lock your unicycle outside the museums. It might be better not to have a quickrelease seatpost, but even then, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Not sure about the metro, but I would think it would be fine. A unicycle is small enough. You probably wouldn’t need the metro though if you want to ride around. Most of the museams are close enough to each other to ride between.

Wish I could come.

I have taken a bike on the metro before so a uni would be no trouble at all. I want to know how many places we would be allow to ride trials. Anybody done much riding in DC?

I think I brought a unicycle on the DC metro once also, but this was in 1993. Can’t remember if I brought it or not, but I think I did. I remember our car never moved from the hotel’s garage the whole time we were there.

I live outside of DC, and I have ridden there before.

I can tell you that guards are very very very strict, and if they see you riding anywhere besides sidewalks they will kick you off.

That is my stomping ground. I did many many training rides from my house in Fairfax to D.C. Some days after work I would get on my coker and follow the W&OD trail into DC to the monuments, watch the sunset by the Lincoln memorial, and then take the metro back to my house. I had no problems bringing my coker onto the metro during rush hour.

You should be fine locking it up near museums and monuments since that area is the really nice area of D.C. I will be back in that area shortly, so if you knew a date I could try to plan a ride that would encompass parts of the w&od bike trail, Georgetown, C&O canal, the national mall, museums/monuments. It would be for anyone interested of course and would be best suited for a 29er or a coker.

James - Organize it and I’m there!

I also have some experience riding in DC. I’ve never had problems bringing my uni on the metro, though once as Wogri and I were leaving the Vienna metro station on our way home, the guard said bikes were only allowed between rush hours (I think it was 10 to 4) and that we shouldn’t have been allowed to bring them on. But obviously the guard that let us on didn’t care, so…I don’t know.

Anyway, the Mount Vernon trail is fun, it starts 16 miles south of DC and goes through Alexandria on the way. There’s a metro in Alexandria, so it would be possible to start there, ride the trail 8-10 miles to DC, and when we’re tired out, just take the metro back to our cars in Alexandria. But that’s just an idea.

As far as urban trials, there are public parks where security guards shouldn’t be an issue, but I’m not familar with which ones are conducive to uni-trials. Old Hell on Wheeler Trip Glazer honed his skills around the American University campus, and a rock strewn creek nearby. Here’s one of his vids.

I’d be up for it if I can scrape up some money for a 29er or coker. I’ve been planning on it, but I’m a bit short on cash right now…

Thanks for the information. I am just at the wishful thinking stages. I think unicycle would be an easy way to get around the Mall and the usual tourist areas. The Metro is the easiest way to go longer distances.