Riding and dropping with low PSI

I enjoy riding with my tyre at around 15 PSI much more than having it hard. This, for me, is quite soft and bouncy which gets me more height hopping up things and a nicer landing dropping down.

I know I should have it harder for the health of my uni, but I was just wondering what the worst was than I could do by dropping off say <1.5m Obstacles, other than maybe puncturing my inner tube and wearing down my tyre quicker.


Yould get flat spots in your rim and your spokes could end up taking more of the impact on your spokes, why not try say 20 and see if you can notice the difference much? Also can i just ask when you hop sideways at such a low pressure does your tyre go all werd and like fold sidewards? mune does at anything less than 30 but it is a 20" trials tyre not a 19" trials tyre.

My tyre does not go sideways, however it folds downwards [this will obviously wear it out]. My tyre on my old learner uni did this cos I had a normal sized (thinner)rim [I assume].

What uni u got?

If you’re bumping the rim on big drops, you can do two things…improve your technique, or put more air in. I’d do both actually.

Are you saying roll out?

I just got a learner uni, with a trials tyre and new seat

  • i think hes saying learn to be more gentle with your landing and absorb it with you knees more.

Trials tyre??

Like… an onza 2.4 inch wide one??

Yeah, i also got an 2.5 inch for it (which is 20") but i needa new frame first!

I have a Nimbus II frame you could maybe buy?


I duno how id get it to you or anythin lol but if u want it i’d arrange postage…

£10 + p&p maybe?? its unused and perfect condition [with one missing bolt, which you can take from ur current uni frame]

Yes please! that would be great, well are you planning on coming to the manchester ride on the 21st? if so i could get it then?? cheers

Well seeing as manchester is 260 miles away and i’m 15, sadly not. Do you have paypal?

And btw, you may also need to buy a 25.4 mm seatpost, if you dont have that already.

i suggest putting more pressure in it b4 riding much more, or just don’t complain when you screw up your rim.

What’s your learner uni? Anything break on it yet? What’s the highest drop you’ve done on it so far? Did that break anything? How much do you weigh?

What kind of tire is that and where did you get it?

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

The seat which came with it cracked sumwhere and that made it all bendy bu stayed in shap for a while, then i got a seat with a handle, aslo the seatpost tabs at the top bent slightly with the seat but straightened them out now and its fine with the stronger seat on it, apart from that its all fine, and ive done about 2 ft drops with some harsh landings and i weigh 12 stone the seat broke just scrwing up on freestyle though, unfortunatly i dont know where you can get the 2.5 tyre from but ill get the make later, it came stock on my trials bike and im just robing it off that! Oh yeah the plastic pedal axels are slightly bent but its hardly noticable and the cranks are still true!its an excellent uni! ive had it a year and yesterday was the first time the cranks came loose, but that was due to me changing the pedals earlier on.

About the uni frame, could you get me a price for postage please and ill get ym dad to pay for it via paypal :slight_smile:

Thanks, but you missed one.

It’s this one.
With a KH seat and different tyre.