Riding Ancient Ruins in the Jerusalem Mountains!

Sorry for further politicising a unicycling thread but I just can’t let this one go. Unicorn, I find it hard to stomach you’re comment that “there is very little racism here” given the racist PM you sent me after a comment I made on the debate about that Uni mag pic. You’re hardly one to fly the flag for tolerance.

More Questions Answered.

Hi All,

I am very happy that my post has created so much interest and learning oppourtunities.

Nir rides a great freestyle unicycle. A semcycle 24". However it does not have a handle. So he just took a cheap bike handle and bolted it on. it is nothing special but it does give him a good grip. Nir is a pretty practical guy. He is in the army right now and makes a salary of about $150 a month so he does not have enough money to buy a good MUni. He has been a juggler for years and is a great circus style rider. He has only gotten into MUni more recently after he purchased the Semsycle. By the way the Kenda tire on his semcyclw was th eoriginal tire that my Onza 24" came with.

I am pretty sure that the square hole that we are in is a crypt. It has shelved inside that are the correct size for the burial boxes. The ancient Hebrews used to have family burial caves where generations of the same family were put to rest. They would put the body in the cave and then a year later after the flesh had rotten away they would gather the bones and put them into a named clay box that is only about two feet long. (I think that these clay boxes are caled sarcophaguses.) This way they way they could fit lots of bodies into small burial caves. They also used to decorate the entrances with simple geometric designs.

As for Gilds comments. I am not a political guy but Israel is in a very tough neighborhood. Israel does have control over Judea and Sumaria. Keep in mind that Israel left the Gaza strip about a year ago and that since then hundreds of rockets have been fired by Palestinians into southern Israel. Before Isreal took control of these territores they were under Egyptian and Jordanian Oocupation. The Palestinians were very well behaved under those regimes because if they were not they were brutally repressed. King Hussien of Jordan killed over 20,000 plestiniand in September of 1970 now called black September. In the past 7 years Israel has killed 3,000 palestinians. The vast majority would probably get shot by the police in any country for thier activities. Arab citizens of Israel live in decent conditions. They actually enjoy a kind of reverse descriminations like the African Americans in America. What everyone blames Israel for occupying are not citizens of Israel. Isreal is forced to occupy and police these territories because if they don’t the palestinians send suicide bombers and rockets into Israel. If the Palestinians want peace all they have to do is lay down their weapons and make an honest attempt. Most Israelis just want to live a western style of life and we are doing it the best we can under our circumstances. The Arab world can not tolerate that there is a non Muslim state in the region and they are fighting Isael in whatever way they can.

Once again I want to repeat that Israel has ancient ruins all over the place. The really nice onces are fenced off and protected by the Antiquities Authority. However it is not realistic to guard and protect every ruined building. Park Canada is a place were children are meant to be given a chance to climb on the ancient foundations and where mountain bikers also go over the old building stones. I don’t think that 500 Bicyclist and Unicyclist a day for the next century will do any damage to the huge stones the you see int he pictures.

Gild - No offence taken. I know that South Africa has been through some pretty bad times. I have visited Capetown and traveled the Southern tip with my wife. I fell in love with Simontown and think that you have a great country!