Riding against the wind

Hi all,
I went for a ride on my 36er this weekend and experienced for the first time how difficult it is to ride against a side wind.
In my efforts to keep straight the wind was pushing me to one direction and then I was constantly needing to counteract this by leaning into the wind which resulted in repeat twisting of my body to turn my back straight. My back was in agony and I had to keep jumping off to take a break.

Initially I thought the off camber was my issue but I believe it was the wind.

Has anyone else experienced this and are there any tips to help work against it?


If the trees are moving much I ride my bike instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, crosswinds are a real nuisance on a 36er. I’ve had a couple of falls due to being blown off sideways.


Yes, if you have strong cross wind and are in traffic, get off and walk. It is not safe.


You should try living and riding down here in Cape Town, the wind often messes up my riding plans
:rofl: :joy:

Cheers for the feedback. Useful to know. I guess I now know to avoid coastal areas as you either get the wind against you or behind you. I was lucky on my outward journey as the wind was behind me for 14 miles. On the return I had to walk 3miles until I found a way to get to some back roads.

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This Friday there was a storm in the Netherelands. Unfortunately I had to work all day, but yesterday the wind was still very strong. When lifting the uni by the seat, wind would blow the wheel to an angle of nearly 45 degrees. I just had to try and ride through that. Wind in the face was quite doable as it is just like riding uphill, as a sidewind it was very hard. I managed stretches of 20 metres, but that took a lot of energy. I rode about 12K but had to walk too. I decided the 26” muni was the best choice because it is easy to mount and I can ride quite slowly with it. Today is just a rainy day so will stay home.


Rain wind and hot days on my worst enemy… No riding above 90° no riding in the rain and no riding if the winds are beyond 15 mph :worried: