Riding Again!

Hey all. Just got back into riding this weekend. been off the unicycle for over twenty years. Had a much loved 24" Schwinn that I lost in a fire. Taught myself how to ride at 11 and eventually commuted all over for many years. Stopped when the kids came along.(do not know why, but that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.) Just bought a 26" this weekend. After a few false starts was able to ride pretty well. No falls. Glad to be back in the saddle!~

Totally Jealous

Welcome PBFooot. Unicycling has advanced quite a bit the last 10 years. Not that I know first hand… I bought my first uni off Craig’s list about 2 years ago, at 53. It took me almost 3 months of failing before I could ride 100 feet. Ever since, every new skill is an EARNED skill.

Since you learned at 11 years young, your progress will be tremendous.

MuniAddict, aka Terry the unigeezer Peterson also learned at a young age, took a few decades off before coming back. Today he is a uni rock star.

This will be REAL fun for you!

Yeah! Good for you pbfoot :slight_smile:

Way to Go !!! :smiley:

Clever user name. Glad you’re back riding.

I don’t get the user name… Glad it’s cleaver…

Hey PB, Welcome back. Your gonna love what they have done with the sport:

Comfortable seats (we’ll almost),
Multiple Gear$,
Quality unicycles,
Lots of Options,
Great Community (here),
Incredible Videos,
Hope your wife is accepting about owning multiple unicycles.

User name means lead foot, hence the Pb. Should not smoke before Chemistry class. Thank you for the welcome back. We were off-road unicycling in the 1970’s but did not have the equipment to take pictures. Dallied with a 6 foot tall unicycle for a while. Will not be getting back on those! Even though I started young, it did not come easy. I spent 3 months learning to ride and then another 2 months learning how to mount without holding onto anything. To Biped I say Hat’s Off to you for choosing such an unforgiving sport at our advanced age. The balancing skills I learned unicycling certainly spilled over into other sports.