Riding again! :D

hey everybody
its been like 5 months since i’ve ridden as i broke my leg muni-ing, however today i rode again for the first time and it felt great. just thought i’d let people know, even though half of you probably dont care. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you are up and running! I know I wasn’t functioning right for a few months and it was horrible!

5 months without the uni!!! I don’t know what I’d do with myself. Glad to hear your riding again.

It’d get so boring!
Owel, it’s good to see you’ve come back to one-wheeling.

Glad to hear you’re back riding.

I’m hors de combat at the moment with a badly bruised or cracked rib, which is affecting eeverything from riding to playing music to parking the car to putting my shoes on. And to make it worse, I had a sneezing fit today.

If you have an active hobby like ours, an injury can be so frustrating.

Now you need to be careful, because although the bone’s healed, the tendons and muscles will need to be gradually reintroduced to the stresses of riding. Otherwise you could end up bowling for England.