Riding after the rain

Which pedals and shoes do you use? Yesterday I went out to do a little bit of trials but it was right after rain and my shoes were wet as my pedals and I figured out that you can’t do anything with wet shoes and pedals cause you have no damn grip… what do you use?

Wet trials doesn’t work.

Just grab a muni, put on some boots, and ride through the puddles!

Trials in the rain sucks no matter what but I think your best bet is gonna be metal pins with five tens.

I started with plastic pedals only, I found it difficult to ride normally in the rain. Now I have metal pedals with pins and Im fine. You could maybe try modify your plastic ones by putting screws in yourself, I’ve heard of others doing that

My own, massive PE, and grip tape.
Dislike negative assumptions in 2012 I can tell I’m still using the very same pedals with the very same grip almost everyday, so including rainy days in a wet climate.
After more than 3 years of using it I’m amazed by how few impact is visible on the ends.
And so I dare to state very safely: this is MUCH stronger than any metal pedal I’ve ever seen.
And about grip: I even do my coffee act (dangerously hot) with wet pedals if I have to.