Riding across South Africa - the Heart and Soul Tour

I don’t think this has been posted yet.

Geoff “Heartman” Brink is on day 3 of his 36er ride across South Africa, Along with his good friend.blogger/marketting manager/cook/accountant (etc) Fred Hatman in a support vehicle. The ride is in support of the Sole of Africa, a charity in support of landmine victims.

The adventure itself is jawdropping. what is completely amazing for me, is that Geoff has only been riding for a few months. He decided to unicycle across SA, and THEN learnt to ride. crazy.

You can follow the tour with daily updates either on Freds Blog or on Facebook.

I know that Geoff and Fred would appreciate support for their labours, so please leave some comments and messages on the above websites if you feel inspired:)

Do you know if he’s coming anywhere close to Nelspruitia?

Hatman riding Durban to Cape Town

What makes Hatman’s attempt more impressive is the following:

  1. He started unicycling if i’m not mistaken around OCtober 2009
  2. He Could not even ride when he started promoting his attempt.
  3. He only got a 36’’ very recently, and finding one in South Africa is not easy.
  4. I think he is riding a Qu-Ax standard with the red hub.
  5. He is doing Durban to Cape Town which is around 1700km.
  6. He is neither a youngster, nor the typical athlete.

He has a daily blog, which is quite interesting to follow.

I was very skeptical when first stumbling on his blog when he was started to learn uni and decided to do this crazy trip. I’d love to be shown wrong, and so far I’m stuck with my foot in my mouth.