Riding a unicycle part 47: Nimbus Hatchet Winter

Short video. I struggled a bit on the soft and heavy snow and narrow track. Without the fat Dillinger tyre, I don’t think I could have done any riding at all.

Some wishes are fullfilled lately:)
PS: What kind of cranks are you riding, seems to be a bit longer than the standard 150mm ventures.
And the tire pressure seems to be harder than in “På enhjuling del 39”.
Besides I like your norwegian titles of your videos much better than the english.

The cranks are standard 150 mm. I’ve tried longer, but didn’t like it. You are correct about the tyre pressure. In the summer time I run about 10-11 psi, and now it was probably 15 - 18 psi. The reason I use english titles now is because I wanted them to be more searchable. I wish my riding was better, but the whole filming session was a bit stressfull, because I didn’t have good light for very long.