riding a unicycle in your sleep....

Everyone always says “I can do it in my sleep” but they dont actually mean it…i want to actually sleep on a unicycle and see if i sleep ride. everyone always says i always walk/talk in my sleep so why not unicycle too. has anyone ever done this or does anyone have any ideas…?

I have fallen asleep standing up, and under water in SCUBA gear, never on a unicycle

how the hell did you fall asleep in a SCUBA?

ive thought of this before. i rekon it would be possible but not probable. when you sleep walk you are’t really aware of what you are doing and usually you will do things that do not take much effort. with unicycling however i think that the effort to get on the unicycle and ride around will be hard to do without been aware of what you are doing.

i know i’ve nodded off (very briefly) while biking. i think you could do it while unicycling but for a very short distance.

true stuff man, when people are sleeping they are totally unaware of what they are doing…which is why you iwll get people who will walk around in their sleep and then take a piss wherever they want.

Don’t forget your helmet