Riding a Muni... Basic question...

I there !

As I said before, I got my first MUni ever and started to ride it a
couple of weeks ago. I have so much fun with it riding over roots, going
downhills, etc. but I found that I had to modify my riding style a
little bit…

So here’s my question. When I was in the process of learning to ride a
unicycle, people kept telling me to put as much weight as possible on
the saddle. That helped me keep my balance and stability. Now that I
ride a MUni, I’ve found that, on uneven terrain, it is sometimes helpful
to stand up just a little bit on the pedals. It seems to help me pass
over obstacles because, that way, I can put more power on the pedals and
can react more quickly to sudden changes.

Is this a bad habit or just a good Muni technique ? I analysed the
question and thought that it was the reason why many Muniers hold the
front bumper of the saddle while going down or riding uneven trails.

Thanks for you precious help and have fun !


Re: Riding a Muni… Basic question…

Works for me- if I didn’t adopt the posture you describe, I’d constantly be pitched off. It’s also easyer to unweight the cycle from this position- a critical concept for rolling over larger obsticles that you don’t want to, or can’t, hop over. When you unwieght, the cycle is more easly displaced by the obstruction; naturaly, you’ll be higher out of the sadle, and be able to draw the cycle up slightly. When done on a regular basis, you’ll do it with out thinking about it-


MUni is definately a bad habit. Like a Monkey on my back…


Christopher, my name is spelled Kaplan. Although I am flattered by you quoting me, I think that getting my name wrong kind of negates some of the flattery. I think some of the amazing Jagur’s spelling ability is rubbing off.
-david kaplAn

don’t worry, davis, I’m sure it was an honest mistake.