riding a coker

what are the differenes form a normal uni. ive never riden one but i want to. how much harder are they

Cokers ARE normal Unis!

Not much harder at all (except for mounting). The trick is to give them a little bit of speed, then they’re happy.

Easier to ride for long distances with very little rider input. I’ve often done 10 miles (16 km) rides without a dismount on mine. A couple of times I’ve done 20 miles/30 km without a dismount.

A bit harder to freemount. A bit harder to get it rolling.

Much longer stopping distances. Each turn of the wheel takes you Pi yards, which is 9 1/2 feet or 3 metres, and it can take 5 - 10 revolutions to stop under control from high speed.

Off road, you need to keep moving and flow up and down hills and over rough ground. If you “stall” uphill, or over-rev downhill, recovery is difficult or impossible.

A coker is a little harder to mount, but very easy to ride. And lots of fun.

Actually, I find a coker easier to mount.
Back last year, when I first got my CX I knew of a guy at the beach that rode a coker around. He let me try it, and it seemed way easier to freemount then my normal uni.
It may be different now, but back then, I thought it was easier.

That is my concern. I find it much easier to freemount my 20" than my 28". I haven’t tried a 36" but I imagine it can be daunting.

On another matter, I have an awful time freemounting when faced with even the slightest uphill. I’ve tried starting laterally across the hill and even starting downhill and doing a quick turnaround. Are there any tips you can share?

start with your starting pedal more back+up than you typically do (you will have to put more weight on the seat, less on the pedal as you mount, and jump more forward as well as up, then when your 2nd foot lands, it lands already going into the first powerstroke

Start laterally, or even downhill, and do a quick turnaround. :wink:

You really need to learn to use the search feature or least to look around the forum. I know you’re jsut a kid but you seem to make a lot of duplicate threads. There are already several open coker threads that discuss exactly what you asked here.

so what, does that really bother you, you had nothing better to do with your time then tell me that

And you have nothing better to do than to act pitiful in hopes that several other people will research this for you? This was good advice. Lots of suggestions from lots of experienced people are just some small amount of research away. Look around a little. Maybe you can find the “differenes form a normal uni” and learn how to capitalize, spell, and search independently. Oh, when you get this Coker, do you want someone to ride it for you?

well all i signed up for is to help me out with unicycling, whats with all this? im asking you questions because i must think highly of you. so i just wanna get back to unicycling. in fact its like 2 in the morning and im gonna go ride right now.

dont forget to turn off the light in the garage when you are done.

i agree it is a normal uni but there is one thing different. that is the turns
you may need to lean a little bit more instead of sliding the wheel :slight_smile: