Riding a classic unicycle on a classic late autumn day

Dug out my old Sem 26" unicycle from the back of the shed, the one I did the 58 mile London to Brighton run on way back in 1992

A quick polish, air in the tyre and a beautiful 10 mile coastal ride to Mumbles (south Wales UK) in the late autumn sunshine

The Sem is standard, except for pedals, the Sem seat is just as comfortable as the latest Nimbus on my muni

If only classic unicycles had risen in value as much as classic motorcycles in the last ten years - it would be worth a fortune!!

Nice pic


Last month I moved to another apartment, even less spacious than before.
Had a hard time, but donated mine to children abroad.

For my unicycle waiter jobs I basically only idle, so prefer less weight.
For freestyle I do stand-up skills, so wish a good crown.
And my acrobatics my partner wishes an even bigger one.
So now use a number of Nimbus titanium frames for years, and made my own.

Semcycle often was called the Roll-Royce among unicycle’s.
I’m curious about the number of people who own both a Semcycle and a Roll-Royce, but I’m included, so can verify.
And to be honest I think a Semcycle Pro is more durable.

Someday this might happen, but not until there are waaaay more people collecting them… :frowning:

Wow, you must be member of a very tiny club in the Rolls Royce + uni Rolls Royce! For durable, is the pictured uni not a Semcycle Pro? The XLs were more conventional “regular” unicycles. I think the Pro models were also called Semcycle Deluxe, or maybe different names for different countries?

Anyway, for Nasher, if you don’t feel guilty about putting on different cranks, you could really up the speed (or comfort) by putting some shorter cranks on there for the long rides. Try 110s.

I’m not too sure of the name in the UK of this model, but I seem to remember a guy I met through work (Geoff looker at Hewlett Packard) told me it was a Sem 26 Custom unicycle he had seen on the wall at Oddballs in London. I called them (pre internet) as I was looking for something bigger than my Pashley 20" to do the London to Brighton ride & from memory it cost £165 (about £380 in todays money)

AFAIK you had “Semcycle” and the “XL”.
And “Semcycle DeLuxe” or “Semcycle Pro” or “the Semcycle” where just to clearify you were talking about the model and not the brand.
The displayed unicycle is the Semcycle - NOT the XL, which indeed has a conventional frame.

I’m pretty sure I have those - exactly the same type as what originally was mounted.
I doubt I would ever use them, so they are available for sale.