Ridin' with the dogs

We just sort of inherited a dog, and she’s young and lean and fast and likes to run. Well today I took her to my local muni loop, which doubles as a doggie park. The loop is a hilly one mile loop and we did four laps. She’s a good dog and comes when I call and she stayed with me the whole time, aside from dozens of short side sprints to check stuff out.

This is going to be a mutually beneficial. I get to go on more muni rides to “take the dog for a run”, and she gets the workout she craves.

Anyone else run their dogs by muniing?

I did/will.
The key is to be careful by making sure the dog will have a water supply (to drink and cool off) as well as check for injuries along the ride. I’ve done about a thousand miles with my dog and he has gone with the group.

Cool! Yeah, this loop is along a small river for the 1/4 mile flat part and we stopped there to cool off.

I would walk my dog but i’m afraid of running him over.

Sometimes i ride around with him in my arms, which he loves.

My mate who I’m gonna be flatting with as of next week just bought a 6 month old Weimaraner… I’m looking forward to going gliding behind it, KH & Brew styles!

Has anyone got any tips for how to train a dog to be better at towing? I guess you’d want to be able to say “faster” or “slower” to good effect… and you’d want them to know to aim for the smoothest line available.

I have a cattle dog that would try to herd me sometimes UNTIL I RAN HER OVER TWICE now she stays clear and I take her on my rides everynight around the neighborhood and get in about 4-5 miles a night
P.S. Where in Upstate New York are you? I used to live in Oswego when I was a kid, still have family there

i take my two dogs muni-ing 10 to 15 miles .they keep out of the way .sometimes i have to go on the road then i hold them both on one hand with a double lead .

George Peck had a dog with him in “Rough Terrain Unicycling” almost the whole time. I don’t think he ever hit it, maybe he just cut that part out of the movie.

Best of luck with that. Attach the rope at the height of the combined C. of G. and tell us where to send the grapes.


Oh ye of little faith, what do you mean “attach the rope”? I was just gonna hold the dog lead in my hand. Easy! :sunglasses:

we have an english setter and i made the mistake of looping the leash around my wrist not pretty…

Ive heard that Kris Holm often Munis with his pup. I think it would be a neat idea but i dont have a dog and my mom wont let me get one.

I often Muni (and MTB) with my dog. Don’t worry too much about running them over, they learn real quick and dogs love to run!!

I went out again tonite and Ruth the dog was psyched. She did a 4-mile run with my wife this morning and about 4.5 with me on my muni loop.

She’s crashed now.

Coz its kinda related, here’s a pic of me and my dog from tonight - i think you’ll agree Toby (my dog) seems to be enjoying himself


Aye, a good way to get the same level of security of grip on a leash while still maintianing the chance to get out of it when you have to, is to hold your hand out in front of you, palm up, thumb to the outside.
Hook the loop over your thumb and let the leash hang down.
Turn your hand down- and outward so the leash loops around the back of your hand and into your palm at the little-finger-side of your palm.
Let the leash lie in your palm, exiting on your thumb side and now make a fist and hold it.
This grip is incredibly strong but if you have to get out of it quickly, you can just relax your grip and it will unroll off your hand with no problems.
You should never stick your hand thru a loop. It can be fatal.