Ridiculous trials uni sought.

Wouldn’t mind getting a hold of a non-splined, square taper hub ol’style KH.

Just in case anyone has one ditched in the garage from back in the day when they discovered trials and decided to upgrade to some spanky, fancy dan, unbreakable hub and unbendable cranks and uncrackable frame and…more than I’ll ever need to do my lightweight lazy-geezer style trials simulations.


…the bad cranks on that one aren’t very appealing. :slight_smile:

…nothing out there in your closets, garages, basements…?!

Telegram for Erin, Telegram for Erin

Check your PM m’lady

my buddy wants to get rid of his Old KH he snapped the crank off ( hub ) but everything else is fine, and he got it painted lime green. He says he’ll ordere a new hub for it and sell it for 180$ cdn

justin ( his name is chase )

erin i can sell mine now i posted something in the yahoo groups

…snapped crank…lime green home paint job…for $180…ah, sorry I could get a brand new one in perfect working order from Darren, non splined like I was seeking for around $200. But thanks for the offer anyhow.

it is non-splined, the only thing it needs is a hub. everything else is in perfect running condition. green paint job would cost you atleast another 50$ plus hes willing to get a new normal hub for it. not kh.


Justin, if the uni needs a new hub then the wheel will need to be rebuilt, right? Plus, if he snapped the crank, then it will need new cranks as well? And if the paint job was $50 then he got it powder coated in a shop as opposed to just a spray paint job at home?

he got it done at an auto body shop ( the paint ) and he can have the wheel re-built it doesnt cost that much. He just wants to get rid of his Old style KH, and its the hub that snapped. new cotterless cranks are like 15$ lol, u can practically get them at any local bike shop. If you want him to order the cranks to or get some new ones for it he will. Other then that this unicycle is fine.

if anything a $180 is to low, but it’s what he wants to sell it for.


Justin, I can offer your friend $140 for his uni if it is in working order, no broken hub. It doesn’t have to have the cranks on it though.
I can get cranks from Darren myself for it.
(Unfortunately there are no bike shops in Vancouver that sell unicycle cranks.)

hey, check your PM’s, i messaged you asking about your friends uni too.