Ridgeway (England) Riding?

There was a nice article about walking the Ridgeway trail in England near Oxford.

Does it make a good unicycle ride? Apparently one can ride parts of it on a bike, so a unicycle would seem reasonable.


I did not find anything about “ridgeway” in the archives.

I’ve ridden quite a bit of it. It’s a nice long distance path. Off road but not very technical. Pretty scenery. Depends how you define ‘good’, but I like it. There are some nice techy bits nearby so you can make an interesting loop or detour.

From what I’ve heard, don’t consider it in winter, as it gets very muddy (people I knew found it unrideable on a bike).

If you’re interested in that, the South Downs Way is a very nice ride too (a bunch of people have done it on unicycles).