Riders Needed For International Tv Segment

Hello everybody!

My name is Belén and I work for a Spanish TV network called “Cuatro”.
More specifically we work for a program called “Cuatrosfera”, which is a
weekly prime-time program. “Cuatrosfera” targets a high-profile Spanish
young audience and brings them the best from around the world.

We are the correspondents here in Los Angeles, but we have people
working on finding the latest trends and ideas all around the world: New York,Paris, London, Tokyo…

We are planning to shoot a TV segment about unicycling in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas including San Diego. We are open to shoot people in all these areas of unicycling, since we think all of them are amazing:

  • Street Freestyle
  • Mountain unicycling
  • Trials

The shooting time would be around 3 to 4 hours. The final edited segment will go for around 2 minutes and will be broadcasted nationwide in Spain, and may also have European broadcasting. We have been shooting these kind of segments for a while and they always give great publicity to the people involved. We will include your names, logos and websites on the segment too. The style is fastpaced and modern and it´s a great demo reel for you. Since there is free publicity, participating will not involve money.

I will be more that happy to show you pieces that we shoot so you can get a better idea.

If you are interested in participating in this and help promote unicycling in Europe, please contact me at urockfilms@yahoo.com or at 310 815 1410.

Please, find below more information about the TV network.

Kind regards,

Belén Canalejo

Info on the network: Cuatro (www.cuatro.com) is a property of Sogecable (www.sogecable.com) founded in 1989. Sogecable is the largest media group in Spain, third in Europe, and leader in the introduction of digital TV and interactive services in the Spanish Communication market. Cuatro offers a network based on the entertainment, theinformation and the innovation. Cuatro wants to create a personal style, with positive, interesting and credible contents. Cuatro borns with the idea of being young, hype and close to the nowadays society.