Riders near Huntington beach

Im heading out to Huntington Beach in a lil bit, and was wondering if there are any riders in the area that would like to go riding… Il be leaving in bout half hour and will take 2 hours to get down there, so anyone out there want to ride call my cell(I dont bite) (760) 963-9632

So if your in the area and want to ride call me up!

i would if i weren’t stuck @ work, and if my uni weren’t out of commission due to a flat tire and a bent rim.

i’ll be heading out to huntington beach next saturday [27th] though, and hopefully my cx will be patched up by then

That sux man, well I might be able to get jared to make another beach trip on the 27th i dunno…Is there anyone else?

Huntinton Beach is my stomping ground!
I would join you except I am stuck at work. :frowning:
I usually ride on the weekends. I recommend when you get there start from the intersection at PCH and Main street then head toward Bolsa Chica beach. The distance is approximatly 6miles one way. It’s a great view and ride! In fact my avatar is me riding at Huntington Beach. Have fun, wish I was there too!

Dang man, all you elders at work…Well it was fun ,i only rid around the beach section on the stairs and pier…next time i go il give more warning…

EDIT: Well save my number and call if your in my area goes for all yall, or if you just wanna uni talk, i get bored a lot…

i’m 21, is that considered an elder in the uni community? i’m just wondering what kinda demographic there is with unicycling [i suppose i could search for a related topic on that, but eh, sorry just wanted to ask here]

No your not really an elder, just older…i dont have a job or car so i was just messin around…

Hey Kohpey,

I noticed you are in La Cresenta. Do you want me to add you to my email list for the Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup?

See http://UnicycleRoundupLA.com/