Riders in York UK, wet yet?

How are the Yorkies getting on with their unis in the floods? York town centre
has been flooded for over a week now and some 3000 homes have been evacuated due
the river over flwomg the flood defences. Apparently the local cycle courier
firm is STILL working tho and have been providing transport for some of the
evacuations by cycle cart. Are the uni riders still riding? the cokers I’d have
thought will be the last ones to drown.

If you have been flooded out then our sympathy is with you and if you haven’t
yet just how worried are you?

Have any riders in the rest of the Uk been affected badly by the flooding?


For those who don’t know , several large rivers in the Uk have burst their banks
following over a week of hevey rain, in many places there are the worst floods
for 50 - 100 years but of course there are moere houses along the valleys than
50 years ago.

Re: Riders in York UK, wet yet?

Sarah Miller asked:
> Have any riders in the rest of the Uk been affected badly by the flooding?

Only on two wheels, but I want to tell you anyway.

There’s one place on my commute where I know there’s always a big puddle after
heavy rain. Last Monday morning I slowed down and rode into the puddle. And
found myself up to my bottom bracket in water. Then realised I’d have to pedal.
The puddle’s still there, though it’s starting to go down. I’ve got the hang of
going through it without getting wet now.

Last Monday and Tuesday, another part of my usual commute was knee deep in
water. I had to find another way round.

And on Saturday I went for a Muni ride along a route including a bridge over a
stream. I had expected it to be flooded, and it probably would have been earlier
in the week. I wore waterproof socks and old shoes just in case, but there was
no flood there.

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