Riders In opéra district Paris France.

Hey, I guess awhile back, I had a friend over there that surprisingly could ride. And surprised a few of you. She told me four were there. So yeah if you are any of those four people. Add me, or get a hold of me. I’m interested lol. slash2461@hotmail.com
Shaun Johanneson

None of the parisian riders, except me, “mz” and “wobbling bear” read this forum, and mz or wobbling bear don’t ride so much in Paris…
I’ll try to find who it was.

Do you know when it was exactly? (help me)
We have a ride in Paris every Tuesday, always going to different places.
And sometimes, we try to meet others days…

thanks for the reply, It would have been about 6 days ago, like friday or saturday. Yeah, thanks for any of your help. Laters

I’m sure someone told me this before, but I’ve lost the email,

where and when is the meet up point for the Tuesday ride? I’m going to be riding in Paris in the week of July 5th, so I shall probably turn up to the ride.

http://monocycle.info/article.php?num=24 is this still up to date?

Also is there any muni riding worth doing that I can get to, ride and get back to Paris in the same day by public transport?


well it depends what you would like… our group do that
in the woods south of Paris (bois de Clamart, bois de Meudon) they are not far from Paris.
you can even do
a trip Paris-Versailles-Paris only on your muni (you end up on a cycle lane to get back to Paris).

I can tell you on maps and even we can meet, (but I’ll have to go to work afterwards if it is during the week).
otherwise we have short muni meeting on Sunday 4th July
in the morning in a place rather far from Paris (but again I can give you a lift to and from)


Oops I meant Sunday 3rd of July…

Cool. I’ve had a look on some maps and I should be able to get out to the Bois de Clamart/Meudon on my muni and it looks like there’s trains back from Meudon to Gare Monparnasse if I get tired. I think I’ll only be around in the week, so I’ll probably see you on the Tuesday ride. I’m mainly going to be riding in the day times and busy in the evenings I think, but I’ve already bagged that Tuesday evening for the ride.


unifreak7 : I have no idea for the moment, I haven’t heard about anything on friday or saturday… but I’ll still search

Yes, that is,
more precisely: The meeting is every tuesday at 8 pm (we’ll try to leave on time this week I think because we want to go to a fantastic park to glide, that closes at 10pm -so I’ll try not to be late!). Stop at the RER station “les Halles” and ask for the exit “forum des halles”, then ask for the “manège” (sorry, I don’t know how to say it in English.

Cool! See you there


Just a quick note to say that my knee injury is getting better, I had to wander around Paris on crutches for the rest of the week, but I’ve had a doctor look at it back at home and I don’t appear to have done any bad damage to it. I should be back on the unicycle pretty soon.

I learnt the French for knee (genou) and had an interesting time explaining that I fell off my unicycle and no I wasn’t in the circus in my not very good French!

By the way, ‘Manege’ in English is “Merry go round”.


Je me déplace à Paris à la fin du mois. Je resterai là pendant une année. J’espère venir à une de ces réunions d’monocycle à Paris !

Translated: I am moving to Paris at the end of the month. I will stay there for one year. I hope to come to one of these unicycle meetings in Paris!

When I’m in Paris, I live right by the Avenue de CHOISY metro stop–One thing I’d like to do is ride along the Blvd Massena to get to Parc d’Vincennes–the riding and paths in Vincennes looks pretty nice!

So a “Manège Ménage” would be a picnic on a merry-go-round?

Argh! this “Manege Menage” has very naughty connotations in french! DO not use (unless you want explicitly that:D )