what type of uniing are u into ?

i dont live in london, but leighton buzzard station isnt too many stops down from euston station, as sai dbefore what do you ride?

I’m in London.

Best thing to do is post a date and a place and see if people reply on here.



i whould like to meat some unicyclist in Surbiton to go to trials uning with.
I am 16.repliy to this letter and i will write to you.
and give you my detals.

Re: fun

i am glad you have repled

Re: Re: fun

i AM WAITING FOR SOME ONE TO EMAL ME AND SPEeck TO mE ABOUT trial unicyling and if they whould like to meat up and unicycle in Surrey or LOndon
I live in surbiton in surrey.
i have surbiton train stain close to me so i could meet people easley


I am into Trial not frestyle but do it atiney bit.
I am at level 4 and 5 for my unicycleing abilatey.
And can do some level 7 stuff.

yeah, sorry for the delay,

bit of trials I suppose, I’m a bit shit tho. s’pose about level 2-3

busy for next couple of weeks but will try to arrange summat.


i am 16
name joe hodges
I am into trials and whould like to meate up in london
from unstable but able

I mainly ride muni and distance, but have been known to try a little bit of trials and have done quite a lot of riding round London.

If you guys are into trials, you must check out the South Bank (round near Waterloo) if you haven’t yet, there’s tons of excellent trials and street riding for pretty much any level.


nearly london

hey there, bungle here from essex. im near london but wouldnt mind traveling down to london for a day or weekend to meet up with other riders.

post me back


If you arrange it, they will come. Or I will, anyway… of the rides organised in London I’ve only ever been to one last March, but it was most excellent fun.


Ok guys, dunno if you all know about this or not but the london meet is going to be the first saturday in june at 12:00 by the eurostar (Waterloo).

It will be cool if you all come

Cheers to Unstablebutable for sorting it out.

In london or Kent?

I am in london most weekends so is my brother and his two mates who can all unicycle and I’m sure that they would all love a Uni-meet some time… I will also meet anyone in kent because I’m getting bored of riding solo. I know someone called stumpy who works in a circus workshop near me (Herne Bay in Kent) who can’t ride trials but I’m sure he would love to ride somewhere P.s my mate Bobby who lives a few streets away can sort of ride trials and freestyle but not as good as me.
My contact number is 07708 914484 please contact me soon

i live in london… CANADA!!!

Alternatively you can play hockey in London on Thursday evenings, normally 9pm.

There are normally spare sticks available.