Riders in LA?

Hey all,

Im planning a trip to LA for a month and a bit from the 8th of December and I was hoping to take my uni. Just wondering if there are any riders around LA / California who would be interested in going out for a ride some time. Im still sorting the details of where Im staying etc, but Ill have details in the next week.

I mostly ride trials, an Im starting to branch into some street. I know there are some very cool guys over there, just thought it’d be cool to meet some new riders while Im away. Anyone interested?


I am not actually one of the LA guys, but i dont live too far away. Your visit might be a good excuse for me to visit too. Im sure at least one of the real LA guys will chime in soon…

What, LA? Oh, that’s us. :smiley:

OK, here’s the LA area cadre that I know of: vivalargo, myself, kohpee, teachndad (aka the munieer)…well, that’s about it. We’re actually pretty spread out around LA County, too. Oh, and I’ve never met kohpee in person.

vivalargo and I do a lot of hardcore MUni and not much else. We know a lot of good trails in the area, and not all of them are difficult. If you’re not up for that, there’s a chance (no promises) we could do a street ride around locally for fun. I think there are some nice spots around Venice. I can’t speak for the other guys really, but let us know the details of your stay here and we may be able to work something out.

I should point out that my list of area riders is not complete. I haven’t met a lot of the younger guys who showed up for the LA unicycle round-up, and I also forgot ThisGuyIKnow. If anyone else wants to chime in, feel free.

nothing about anything on the subject apart from LA… when i wanna get over to the states i was wondering about famous skate spots and famous handrails in LA and if it was worth going with or without a tourguide (or just someone who knows where most cool uniable stuff is).
for example the whilshire rails and other skatespots that are in all SK8 magazines

anyways i dont know what i am achieveing by posting this. is was just curious. i think they call it a thread jack.

Rob are you going to LA hey?.. cool

yep i’m around the LA area. lately i’ve only been able to ride once a week thanks to full time work hours [i’d ride around somewhere near home after work, but i am very mentally and physically weary by then].

i STILL ride my torker cx, so i’m not sure if i could hang with the rest of you whether its trials, street, and definitely can’t muni w/ this thing. but i am down to meet up with other unicyclists, as i have yet to run into anyone around here that does, and maybe i could pick up a few tips/tricks from you guys.

Hey Alex,

Yeah, headed over there with my girlfriend, staying with some of her family. Should be interesting :). I get the feeling I’ll be seeing a lot of her, so some time to uni and get some air might be a good idea. I also just started landing 180 unispins and a few other bits and pieces, so Im not exactly keen to take a big break from riding.

Completely off topic, but do you know any decent ledges/easy grinds to practice on round Sydney? I can consistently grind flat ledges and I’ve nailed a few angled things, but Im struggling to find anything up this way. The skate park in OWA, is that down your way?

Back on topic, Im cool to go Muni riding, as hard as you like. I only ride a 20" at the moment, but thats no problem. I still ride some technical Muni from time to time.


LA traveler

I have been working in LA and bring a 16" in my luggage. It is slow and I am new, but I did a liitle off road trail off Suplveda in Manhattan Beach. By Fry’s Electronics, It had a whole bunch of things that were not allowed on this trail. Had the red circles with the line through them. Guess what it didn’t say No Unicycles, guess we are welcome most places around here. I am here now, but leaving tomorrow night. hoboarchery@yahoo.com

I still have the my old MUni that I loaned Josh two summers ago. Now look at what he is doing… :astonished: I will loan it to you for a while if you want to try Muni. It now has a first generation KH saddle on it, not the Miyata anymore. It also has no brakes. You need to be under 200 lbs. This is what it looks like.

It’s pretty trashed and one of a kind, but very good for starting out on Muni.

email me at teachndad (att) gmail (dott) com if your interested

Hi Rob–

I live in Venice, Calif. and ride most every day (usually Muni). I’ve got 2 Munis and if you’re not down for that we can go to the beach where there’s a gazilion trials possibilities. Let me know or get hold of Josh (Entropy).

John L.

/another thread jack

Hey Mr. hoboarchery, where are you from exactly? I used to live in Great Barrington, MA. Thats where i first learnd to uni and started Muni and Trials. Just wondering. :slight_smile:

hey, count me in on an LA ride, senores.