Riders in Indiana or close to.


I’ll be taking a personal vacation on August 5th until the 15th to northern Indiana. I’m wondering if any riders in that area would like to get together to ride. I’ll be close to Fort Wayne and I’m really interested in riding with others.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I started this thread already, but it’s not longer in circulation.

Chicage area too? haha. Come on ANYBODY!

I live in South Bend, and me and some guy’s are going to ride Chicago aug 06 sunday pretty much all day, your more than welcome to come and I have wensday off. You can call me 574-679-4992 thats where I’m at most of the time. Josh:D

I can’t believe Chase hasn’t seen this thread . (Unitik908)


I wanted to bring this back to the top and offer is still out there. haha. I arrive in chicage at 3:28pm on August 5th. Please let’s get some people together some day around the 5th to 15th for a good ride.

-Shaun Johanneson

I’ll also happen to be in Chicago the weekend of the 5th, but I’ll be without a uni and with friends and with limited time, so no meetups for me there.

I live in Indiana (West Lafayette now, formerly Fort Wayne), so I wanted to throw out that at least someone who lives there is reading this.