Riders in Grand Rapids?

Im pretty new to this forum, and I was wondering if there are any other uni riders in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It would be great to ride with other people. I’ve been riding for about 2 years now.

Its a bit of a trip but the Redford Township Unicycle Club is about 150 miles away. http://www.rtuc.org/

Thanks for the link. I think perhaps my friend steve and I will go down once in a while.

Speaking as a member of RTUC, you’re welcome anytime. Before you come, make sure we’re going to be at practice that week.

Next weekend, June 19th, a few of us will be going to a World Juggling Day Picnic in Grand Blanc. If you’d like to join us send me a PM and I’ll give you the details or let you know our practice schedule.

I think there is someone from Flint that posts here once in a while. I know its not really all that close to Grand Rapids but its closer than Redford.