Riders in Golden, CO???

I’m looking for a new uni for commuting or bum’n around town and with all that I’ve read I’d like to try out a bigger wheel; 20 & 24 are the only 2 that I’ve ridden.

Is there anyone around my area that has a larger wheel that I could try out???

Thanks a million!

PS: I currently own a 20" trials but was looking at either a 26" or a 29" for the above requests. Anyone who lives in Golden knows that it’s pretty hilly…so I’m try’n to take that into consideration. Any additional advice would be fawesome!

I live in Arvada, I have a 29er that I’d be happy to let you take a spin on. Do you ride muni at all?

Golden is beautiful. I used to ride there quite often.

I would say go for a 26" muni so you can take it up/down the trails on lookout mountain (apex, chimney gulch), or even out by table mountain (I think that is what it was called), and also close by out on centennial cone. Heaps of fun riding in Golden!

If you have no interest in off road riding, get a 36er. Heaps of fun. If that is out of your budget, get a 29er with smaller cranks (nothing over 125mm).

I’ve ridden trails in the Rockies, they are much less abrupt and twisty than out in the East, so in terms of sizing a muni, the 29" is better for riding Colorado single track, UNLESS you want to steep tech muni or trail “trials” in which case a 26" would be a good bet.

But, it does take a little more skill to ride a 29er off road, so maybe you shoudl take up Magicollin on his offer to try his 29er.

I have a 29er, 26er, and a 26" Oregon. The 29er gets more use by far, it’s just faster and smoother.

Plus, you want to ride around town, a 29er is way more road friendly and the front range trails are very smooth and “double tracky”.

SUPER SCHWEET! I’ll have to drop you a line. I don’t ride muni, mostly trials and bum’n around.

Thanks everyone for the responses!

Let us know about your experience.