riders in Auckland, New Zealand

Hi, I’m traveling around New Zealand at the moment and I was wondering if anyone would like to get together for a ride. I’m in auckland now and I’ll be here for awhile. I’ve heard there are lots of riders in the area.


Will you be coming through Nelson in your travels? If you are let me know.
As for riders in Auckland yes there are a few. Tony Melton and Peter Bier for instance. They post on here so you’ll probably hear from them yourself.

Hi Frank

I’d be keen to go for a ride with you! I have plenty of spare unicycles of various wheel sizes you could borrow if you haven’t got yours with you. There is some good off-road riding nearby in Woodhill forest if you’re into Muni. (I have a spare Muni, too :slight_smile: )

Send me a PM or email me on tony (at) unicycle.co.nz

Hi Frank,

Why don’t you join us for the Day/Night Thriller 12hr Mountainbike race in a couple of weeks. It’s probably the biggest 12hr MTB race anywhere with over 3000 riders. I think we have two teams with some spare places.

If you pass by Wellington, we’ve got heaps of good MUNI trails and lot’s of good urban trials riding too- gimme a PM if you’re heading this way.