Riders in and around Brighton, UK?

Well, are there any?

I’m moving there at the end of the week so will be in need of new uni-compadres.

Speak up Brightonians.

There’s a hockey club in Horsham (which ain’t far from Brighton), I think they might do other stuff too.


yer im near brighton im in heathfield i can get the bus to brighton???
what sort of riding do you do

Trials, Muni and long distance though I don’t have a trials uni at the minute and my Muni needs a new rim.

cool what long distance uni you got coz i do trials and attemt long disatce well 35 miles on my 26??

I have a nimbus 36. You’re welcome to have a play with it when I’m down there.

My lovely lady friend is getting me a new rim for my Muni as a Valentine’s pressie so we can do some Muni’ing together. Is there much good Muni down there?

There’s a circus soc at Sussex Uni. I took a semester there in 2003., It’s mostly jugglers but there are some unicyclists, and most of the group are not actually sussex students. http://www.ussu.net/circus/

Yep loads of trails on the s downs also friston forest i think it’s called. Oh and a park in brighton up the hill a little way has some stuff in it, can’t remember name.

There is a guy called Matt i think he’s matt ph on here, who is down in eastbourne which is nearish, sure he’d know some good riding on the downs - brighton to eastbourne is a nice ride.


Cheers Joe. We’re going to be in the North of the town near the big park of which I think you’re speaking.

I’m looking forward to upping my mileage a bit now my knee seems to be better. P’raps I shoud think about getting a 29’er to explore the downs on.

Cheers TGIK, I’d heard talk of a circus society at the uni, I’ll try and get there on Wednesday.

Yes, I am indeed the lonely rider from Eastbourne and ride Muni/Cross country on the downs. There are some great rides round here and Friston forest offers some good single track. I’m also do some longer distance quiet road rides on the 29er.
I will pm you my phone number as I don’t currently have the internet at home at the moment (must get the computer fixed).