Rider weight and a KH24

I am considering getting a unicycle. I used to ride one about 30 years ago but switched to two wheels for some unknown reason. Anyways I am looking at the KH24 my concern is that I tip the scales at 214lbs. Will it hold my fat arse? I don’t plan on doing anything fancy just mostly hard pack riding. Whatcha’ think? Should I be looking at the Surly 24?


I don’t think it matters how much you weigh. The KH24 will hold up to alot (!) of stuff.


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Yeah the Kh24 will hold all your fat just fine. Especially if all you will be doing is hard pack riding.

No problem. I’m 205 lbs and ride moderately aggressive muni. I’ve done plent of drops mostly 1 ft and under. But a number of 2 - 3 ft drops with no problems.

Get the KH 24. I’m about 210 lbs. and I do just fine with it. It’s built to take a lot more abuse than that. Besides that, the color is very cool! :wink:


Yeah and people do things much more demanding than that.

This things are tough.

I’m 220 lbs and I’ve been abusing my KH24 '05 for about a year, no issues with it atall.


I will be placing the order on Monday!

Would 20 miles or so be possilbe on this thing? Provided I have the engine:D

Hmm, yes you could do it in a day, especially if you get the 150s as standard. You could probably hold 6 to 7 mph if you were fairly fit and you blew the tyre right up, so 3 hours riding time plus some breaks would see it done. I understand some guys in the UK do 40 mile Muni rides in a day on 24" and 26" rides.

yeah, 20 miles is no problem on the KH24". If you can go it, it’ll do it. Ive rode farther than that on my 24", so it’ll work out fine. The only thing to worry about is getting a sore arse.

If you are not planning on any hardcore Muni riding BIG drops ETC. I would go with the KH29 it makes the trails fast and fun and you can still do muni riding just not any big drops, on most trails I am starting to prefer my KH29 over my KH24
And as for the weight I was at 240 2 years ago and now down to 190 thanks to getting back into the Uni/Muni again.
Your more than welcome to try mine if your in the Northern Calif. area
Good luck

I thought about the 29but its been awhile since I have been on a uni, about 30 years. I don’t mind adding to my stable of toys and getting the 29 when my abilities permit. Thanks for the info it’s good to know.