Rider has lost interest in unicycling !!!!!!!!!!

Slightly lost for words when I spotted this advert on a British website.

The guy (or gal) has four unis and … well read it for yourselves.

It happens. Not that unusual in any sport.

Some people like New challenges, so once they feel a sport skill is mastered, they move on.

It was just the apparent level of commitment indicated by the number of unis which surprised me.
However, if they are not top quality, maybe unicycling just became a pain in the butt. :slight_smile:

I’m OCD and move on to different things.
Got 25+ guitars(that was supposed to be my life tho,didnt make it in the buisness)also those have been bought over many years.
8 SE Racing BMX cruisers,all bought new within a year(1 cheap,the rest $600+)
Had 8 nitro RC trucks and cars(that was a money pit and they constantly needed worked on,thats why I dropped that)
3 china pit bikes(bottom line,cheap and I tore them up)
Now my CRF250X and an 87 DR200 dirtbikes
Last but not least my 2 uni’s that I have put about 10min.s total.(havent had the time)a cyclepro 20" and a Torker CX24
The bikes I’ll keep forever,motorcycles wear out,RC was a money pit,guitars are my life and the uni’s I WILL learn and either move up to a nice one or just keep the 2 I have to goof around on.
Alot of stuff I get into cuz “friends” claim they are,and I end up the only one following thru.
Other than guitars/music(been playing 30yrs +) 2yrs is about as long as I stay into something.Thats why I like to buy used.

I have a thing that I like 2 of anything(spoiled)in case one breaks,Ill always have a backup.I hate getting all geared up to do something and have a flat,broken string,bike wont start.This way I can just grab another.Sux breaking a string on stage and not haveing a backup guitar.

“Blood in, blood out.”

We wouldn’t lose members so easily if they took joining more seriously:p

I already signed :wink:

(Caning it on my 29er on a canal towpath without pads coughs)

I can understand that. At some point I’m going to have to shift some of my collections (current ones I have at least 3 of: road bikes, off-road bikes, kayaks, skis, windsurfers, RC planes, unicycles, running shoes (road and off-road), backpacks, sleeping bags, tents…)

I don’t think I’m likely to get bored of uni any time soon, but have to consider the possibility - I’d certainly sell my windsurfers if I thought I’d get more than a pittance for them.

have any cash to spare? I could use a new uni.