Rideau Street Rider!

Dudes (and Dudettes), I was driving down Rideau Street in Ottawa last night, about 11:00, maybe a half kilometer from the Rideau Centre, and I saw a unicyclist! Don’t know who you were, but it was nice to know I’m not the only one (my muni was in the trunk ;)) It just made my day! I’ve been here for 4 days, and knwoing the number of uni’ists here in Ottawa I’ve been looking like crazy :slight_smile:


Hey, evil-Nick

It was me. On most nites that it’s nice out i’m out around town. How far from Ottawa is Lennoxville?

There are about 15 unicyclers in Ottawa, but they are scattered around the city. I’ve never seen anyone else out. There’s a juggling/unicycling club near Bayshore that i go to here and there, where around about 6 of the 15 uniers show up at any one time. The meetings are short and it mostly focuses on juggling, but i go once in a while.

Let me know the next time you are in town.

Thought So!

Had a hunch it was you, tho I don’t know why… prolly ‘cause you were the only one from Ottawa whose name I remembered :wink: I’m here in Ottawa just for the Ottawa Linux Symposium (if you’ve been in the Rideau Centre this week and seen lots of Geeky people with laptop bags and name badges around their necks, that’s us ;)) Lennoxville is ~4 hours away, on the other side of Montreal by about an hour and half (depending on driving speed and traffic.) I’ve actually been staying with my girlfriend’s mom near Gatineau/Hull (connections are everything), so I’m not actually in Ottawa much aside from the conference. I tend to come out here maybe 3 times a year or so, so maybe we can get together sometime and ride… I would be around tomorrow, but alas, I need to find a garage (if you saw/heard a white Civic that sounded like a Harley wannabe, that was me and my former exhaust system ;))
Real shame I prolly won’t be riding this week, I’m going through withdrawal… I’ve spent a total of 5 minutes riding this week :’(

im pretty sure there are more than 15 riders from ottawa. because im sure im not on that list and my friends unicycle too. I dont live near downtown but have a good time

Heh Evil- Nick!

My name is Carl and I manage the “Nanaimo Park Jugglers” here in Ottawa. You should come out to one of our jams as we have lots of uni riders. My sons and I have 14 unis in our garage and my kids both muni and ride trials. Don’t get thrown off by the name of our club as we do a lot of unicycling and the there is always room for one more on our muni or trials outings!

Check out our web site at http://carlroth.net/nanaimoparkjugglers/ .

Hope to meet you some day.



Yeah, i’m sure there are more than 15 riders. Too bad no one is ever to be found downtown. If there are, and you uni street, why don’t you come out once in a while? I’ve never seen anybody downtown before, except for at the parades, and by the lame comments i get every time i’m out, i doubt that most of the drones downtown see other uniers either.

Point being: If you uni street and can come downtown, do so. It gets a little lame congratulating yourself after landing a trick <g>. Either way, i’ll be out.

hecklar, last year a bunch of us regularly rode trials/street in and around the downtown area. Unfortunately this summer I’ve been mostly away from the city so I I’ve only made it downtown a few times. Give me a shout and maybe we can hook up some time. I actually won’t be back in the city until the end of August but I look forward to riding with you!

You can contact me at: jason AT truedimensions DOT com



Hopefully I can ride with you guys some time, My MotherinLaw lives about 25 min outside Ottawa on the Quebec side, so I’m in the area from time to time… I’ll give ya’s a head’s up next time I’m gonna be around!