Ride writeup roundup

However long it may be, I sense a slow recovery from my injury. For the past week or so I can shift my arm just enough to return to two-handed typing.

To keep up my geekiness factor I’ve been learning a little bit about LaTeX the typesetting language, which is rather like the principle of HTML except its for making printed works instead of web pages. The default “book” output generates PDFs which look a lot like novels.

I’ve had a bash at collecting all my writeups so far (all six of them!) and making a PDF novel out of them. Those who have vivid photographic imaginations seeded from words will hopefully enjoy it.

Grab it here: http://www.gkmac.co.uk/stuff/rides.pdf

I wonder what Mikefule would think…

Looks good! I love reading ride reports, and I’ve only seen the last two of those before so I can read the rest ‘fresh’, not now though 'cause I’m off for a ride myself!

LaTeX (pronounced ‘Latec’) is a great language, we are recommended to use it as part of our Computing module in Mechanical Engineering at Southampton Uni (say that 5 times fast)…

Very cool Gavin, I like a lot (has been saved to my unicycling folder). Now you just need to add pictures at relevant points, and it’s complete. Very good idea. (and if Mikefule wanders in here, a great way to get all your ride reports collated in a very professional way)