Ride without seat or frame (like ultimate wheel)

I would like to try ultimate wheel. But I think the crank length of UW sold in uncycle.com is too large for me (160mm for 28er, 150mm for 24er). Longer crank length also has a large wobble.

I usually ride 26-inch unicycle with 102mm or 125mm cranks.

Instead of DIYing a UW with rim, wood, spared cranks (with the difficulty to fix the cranks well), I am considering to simply remove the frame & seat of a 26er/700c with 102mm cranks. But I don’t know whether larger distance of the pedals from the center line will create some difficulty to ride.

Anyone try to ride an unicycle without the frame & seat? Is it ridable? Any comments?


Tons of people do it, it’s a freestyle trick called seat drag/push. :slight_smile:

Tried the 26er with 102mm today. Almost can’t stand still even holding railing with both hands. Feel much more difficult than learning unicycling. :frowning:

UW is hard, so don’t be discouraged. Also having the pedals farther out to the sides makes it harder, though there is disagreement on how much. Some people like it just fine like that; George Peck used to go on long mountain rides on an UW that was basically a MUni with the frame off.

The short cranks should help. I think one of the main goals when learning to ride UW is to keep the wheel upright, and away from your legs (except when starting/stopping). The better you can control wheel tilt, the more successful you will be.

But I’m not much of an UW expert. I can ride one, but not very well! :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a lot of trouble starting/stopping riding the wheel w/ no frame or seat, but if i’m moving and throw the seat, its no problem. when i learned seat drag and push, i taught myself the balance by going Seat-in-front/back and slowly lowering my buttocks toward the tire.

i think skrobo has the best way. learn to ride with your seat in your hands then try to ride w/o seat at all.

Thanks for all your comments/suggestions! I will try seat push instead.

On the other hand, 26er with 102mm cranks may be the problem. I really found myself standing so high. I think I may learn seat push with 20er with 125mm cranks before I try 26er.

I am also considering to buy an UW from unicycle.com. Which one should I buy? 20 UW or 24 UW?

For UW sizing is opposite of normal Unis. Larger is easier.

I tried Tholub’s Nimbus 28 UW and I could do it w/ a rail (really slow). The “crank length” didn’t bother me, but then I run 170’s on my 24" Muni.

I’ve tried my Muni w/o the frame & 150’s and it was hopeless.