Ride Without Pedaling?

I am new to Unicycling. I can now ride pretty well. Still working on my mount, I don’t succeed every time, and still working on tight turns. I am now looking to buy a commuting or touring Unicycle. I was wondering if there exists a Unicycle that can coast without pedaling. Like a regular bycicle. I plan on commuting to work which is about 10 miles away from home with a Unicycle.

Please write to akover@hotmail.com.

I appreciate the help.


yeah i asked about it a while back, just search in these forums “freewheel unicycle” or something along those lines, coz u can get them, but if u r still a beginner i wouldnt advise getting one unless u hav the time and the pain barrier to practice it!!

You dont need a freewheel to go fast look at big wheel unicycles or even geared ones (i wouldnt advise them to learn on though). With a freewheel you could go fast but it is hard to keep your balance, I would look in to buying a Coker or Nimbus 29er.


You’d need a brake too, otherwise stopping would be interesting…:stuck_out_tongue:

lol nice avatare well once i tried a coatsre wheel man it is hard

With the kind of riding you’ll likely be doing for a couple years, and the riding you will just about always do on long distances, keep in mind that the unicycle has just three points of control the pedals the seat. If you reduce the direct link between the pedals and the wheel by decoupling them from the wheel, you loose two of three elements of control making unicycling extremely difficult.

More advanced riders learn to leverage the crown with their feet and use the seat-butt contact point as a fulcrum which enables them to do things like ride with one foot, and even coast! But this isn’t used to make commuting-type distances easier generally. Using the hands and feet directly on the wheel is another more advanced way to control the wheel. These skills are called wheel walking and gliding.

I’d ride my coker to work more, but I have to drop my kid off at school, which is hard on a unicycle. :roll_eyes:

Good luck and enjoy the ride!!

Get a BC wheel.


yeah, the picture above is really close to what you want, but i was searching around on google and found a guy that made a unicycle that you cn pedal then stop, but keep going like a bike, umm or you can wheel walk, dont need to be pedaling then =p

the freecoasting uni wouldnt be bad for commuting but if you rode 10 miles to work you would get there and and have 6 pack abs burning soo bad you would want to die. well maybe not that bad but you will prolly be cut up from crashing alot. a hand brake would be recommended, and a wheel bigger then the 16" i got to test out.