ride with me at Dartmouth or NH

Ola kids i just got into Hanover NH from Spokane Washington. I am in town for a week or so. So if any one in the collage wants to ride or anyone In NH let me know i am here for a week. Also if any of you kids live near Interstate 90, that is the route i will be driving home. So if there is any addicts out there that live anywhere near the norther part of the WHOLE united states. let me know. Cuz i am going to need to stop and stretch my legs on the way home. Otherwise it is going to be a long 2,700 miles home. And i dont mined making some detours if your a ways away.

ride on! :sunglasses:

Thats a shame, I just moved back down to Boston for the year otherwise I would have been able to ride in NH.

We have a number of good rides here in Albany NY right off Rt 90, and a growing number of riders. Let us know when you’ll be coming through.
street, muni, or coker?

Trials is my fav. but i do some muni as well and some street. But alas i left my cocker at home. Hey man we might actualy swing down down to bosten so maybe you should drop a line. like i said i am very willing to take detours and such :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahem! My coker. =p

Im gonna need it back once you get home, I have lots of rides and training I need to do with it.

EDIT: Phil is a nice guy, youll love unicycling with him. Wont be boring at all.

well it looks like i am going to be in boston on monday! and in albany probably the next day. So let me know what you guys think if you have any good riding plans

I don’t really know my way around Boston yet but I’m totally up for a ride on Monday. I ride trials/street.

What time will you be coming through Albany?

MidDay riding for me would have to be downtown around the Empire State Plaza for trials/street. Meet at NY State Museum on Madison Ave, 12230.

Afternoon or evening riding (<5pm, even better <7 or <8) is better around SUNY Albany campus, could meet at Collins Circle 12203 for both street/muni options.

Both of these are <5min from route 90.

email me at rokays@gmail.com to coordinate times/phone etc…

He man, i am for riding anywhere so i guess its best if ypu give me a location and we go from there