Ride to Work with Me!

In response to overwhelming public apathy, I made another video this evening! I was too tired to do anything physical anyway, having taken a REALLY nice, long uni spin earlier in the day.
So, here are a few nice Seattle scenes from last Saturday’s ride to the office (…shhh…don’t tell my boss about the extra indoor mileage). :roll_eyes:

Nice video, thanks for sharing.

My current record for one complete round on our floor with the 36" is one minute (18km/h max).
I’m trying to improve that time next sunday. With fewer co-workers wandering around i may be able to ride faster through corners. Unfortuntately the sleeping rooms for our air traffic controllers are on the same floor so i have to be extra cautious in the fastest part of the corridor.



‘This video is unavailable on this platform’


Enjoyed this; the progression of it. Loved the flypast…

What Kiwi said. What I liked, particularly early on was the frame angle, almost as if it was a production with a bigger budget. Later on you got the camera pole in frame more often.

:smiley: Hope you don’t have security cameras… That could be a very awkward conversation!

I remember the cement truck from your photos.:slight_smile:

hahahha…crisis averted! My boss just saw the footage and all he did was laugh. :stuck_out_tongue: I now have a new place to ride! Only downside: carpet’s alot slower than road surface.

Great video! I really enjoyed the views :slight_smile:

Can’t do that many miles in one day myself yet, but hopefully time will come… :roll_eyes:

Damn, dude. You’re cookin’!

What size are those cranks these days?

I’m still down to do a Lake Sammamish ride sometime soon.

“…CAUTION: objects may appear faster than they are.” :wink:
…actually, I’m still in full weenie mode on the 150’s, but I hold 11-12 mph on the flats and make up time on the climbs. I can sprint to 14 mph, but only for a couple seconds, and it’s scary.

Lake Sammy sounds great! I PM’ed you. --cheers.

Great vid–looks like lots of places to hop about along the way–life is short, never forget to stop and hop.:slight_smile:

That is a good one. BTW what happened to the brakes, empty brackets?

Oops…haven’t read the board in a couple days. Blizzard released a major patch for Diablo 3, and I’m only now coming up for air…hahahaha (sad, I know).
Anyway, the nice guy at Serious Juggling in Portland, OR, set up the KH for me, and he installed the brackets in anticipation of my adding brakes at some point. I prolly should add 'em, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Thanks for reminding me to look into it. hey btw: Is there a quick, easy way to just order a disk setup for this uni? I’m really not looking for an ambitious DIY project; I just want to lazily throw money at the problem. Can I give my bike shop a parts list? Or, do the UDC monopolists have an out-of-the-box solution? Either way works for me.

Thanks very for any input! :slight_smile: