Ride this Course....if you dare!

I think I could make it past the steam jets, and possibly the graves, but after that…UPD! :smiley:

Hahahahaha. Ninja Warrior: Unicycle.

The skinny at the end… wow.

Yeah, it all seemed reasonably do-able apart from that skinny. Those axes did look potentially painful though. Maybe just side hop past them? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not exactly the position you’d want to be in if you got whacked! :astonished:

I think I could do it if the side of the coffin didn’t get me when it fell. I would have just slowly hopped my way up the final obstacle

Good point… :roll_eyes:

It looks easy jk. not that bad tho

That would be a lot of fun to try. You’re right, that zig-zag at the end is probably the most difficult. I’d rather do the course on a trials uni than the freestyle Miyata’s they were using.

For a real challenge, try it on a 36er!

Banzuke is regular watching our household on some high numbered channel. The earlier series had more tradional obstacles without all the ghostly stuff. Looked proper hard. Oddly the obstacle that caught out some very skilled riders was riding up a slope backwards.

They used to show it on G4 a few years ago right after ninja warrior

Unbeatable Banzuke! I couldn’t remember the name of the show. Two of the guys listed in that clip as having attempted the course were at Unicon I. At least one other guy has been at several Unicons, including more recent ones.

Yes, those courses would be much easier on a Trials, especially with a Trials rider. I don’t think Trials unicycles existed when the show was made; sometime before 2004.

Yes, I remember seeing Yuichiro Kato (one of those Unicon I guys) being stumped by a backwards ramp in a different course. The main unicycling disciplines in Japan are still Track and Freestyle, which doesn’t give riders much experience at non-level stuff. And again, this was during the infancy of Trials, and before Street was a competition event.

Here’s a trials/downhill course you could try…

Try this one


Try this downhill

Try this downhill