Ride The Lobster - What's Happening?

Help! I’m wondering what’s happening with RTL? It must have started already but I don’t yet see any updates on the website… Sorry if this is impatient but I’m really curious! I’ve brought my laptop to a garden party so I can keep track :wink:

I hope Ken got his leg stitched back together in time to be able to race!

I think it starts on monday the 16 th. at 9 am est

Oh, I’m a muppet and got confused about dates and overexcited by all this pre-RTL talking by everyone! Just ignore me :wink:

Thanks for setting me straight!

Looks like they’re off.

Team Hurt seem to be stuck at the starting line.

Maybe they dropped their GPS.

Team German Speedsters is leading in front of Team NZUNI


It started, Where can i see the teams ???

For those people who are new to the coverage, Ride the Lobster live GPS online race coverage can be found here …

Blog updates here …

Based on the last blog post it looks like it’s been a rough time for some.

I’ll be heading out to Nova Scotia on Wednesday to catch the last half of the race.


Thanks dude.

More Ride the Lobster goodies …

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Nova News article which includes a video essay …


What this is nuts! The germans and Totaly Doable are neck in neck, with Yellow line fever about twelve KM behind.

This is intense and only two hours into it!!!

I think there are some GPS problems because team NZUNI just jumped from second last to in the top pack.

Yellow Line behind

Its just Beau and Nathan riding, no third rider.
Check the wordpress blog at www.ridethelobster for more detail on the carnage over the weekend.

O man thats nuts!!! I’m really really impressed at how well The Masticating Bunnies are doing.

This whole race is really exciting, and the blips that the GPSes seem to be having, makes it even crazier.

Looks like it’s been an epic battle most of the day between the Team NZUNI and the German Speeders. VERY fun to watch.

Go Puget Sounders!!!

I just realised that alot of the GPSes are out of date, if you click on the team it sais the time of the last update, and for a lot of them it was a long time ago. So we really have no idea of who is truly in first or not. Quite likely there is a big group together at the front.

Just Clikc Refresh about every 2 minutes.

As far as I know the german team is on the first place at the moment followed by new zealand. I am in a library at the finish right know.

If you look at the team details, a lot of them haven’t updated since about noon. It sais the time of that position on every team.

Even if you refresh it won’t change, it is only changing on a couple teams.

Its been half an hour since team NZuni updated and almost an hour since the German speeders updated.

Flirt hasn’t updated since 10:20 and Yellow line fever hasn’t updated since 12:30ish

Yeah, it would be great it there was a way to sort by the update time… it’s a pain to how to mouse over all of them to see when the last update was to get a feel for if their race position is accurate or not.