Ride The Lobster- Video Spamming?

I don’t know much about the RTL except that its some kind of race around states or something but yesterday i searched youtube for recent unicycling videos. So i typed in unicycle and searched by “date added” and it came up with loads of these videos called like “unicycle voyage” and there was like a 100 all submitted by different uses and they were the 95% the something.

See look, its ridiculous (I think…?)


I don’t think it’s to do with RTL…

no, I don’t think it is, but they’ve definitely put enough on there!

there’s something about the filiming that just makes it look fake.

It is a joke, you upload the picture and it plunks it in the video.

http://www.toospecial.com/index.html - was that so hard?

well thats extrememly pointless and stupid. But he sais something about a race around the states so i just assumed that it was RTL but oh well.

that’s so stupidly random!?!

i like how you stole a really really low res version of a vector spencer as your avatar. :roll_eyes:

RTL was in the states just as much as you live in New Zealand.

If only…