Ride the Lobster Training

If you’re like me you’ve been super excited about Ride the Lobster since you first heard about it. Within a few days I had already assembled enough friends to make a team. We are super pumped!

I went into it thinking it would be no problem, what’s a few kilometers to ride each day. But the truth is you need to prepare for something like this or day four will come along and you’re just going to bail.

So I spoke with a few long distance runners and designed a plan to train for Ride the Lobster.

Then I went ahead and designed a forum. The whole idea is there’s only three exercises that need to be done each week. Everyone on my team will be posting a description of their weekly workout in the forums so that we can keep each other accountable in our training.

I don’t even know if anyone else is even interested in something like this, but I thought I’d throw it out just in case. The training program is solid, and the accountability is such an important aspect. If you want in, sign up at http://unitraining.freeforums.org/.