Ride The Lobster - side events and entertainment

Hello Lobster Riders. Tim here, in Baddeck Nova Scotia. I have read through some of the forums on this site and I am so stoked that there is so much enthusiasm for this race! It’s going to be awesome.
I’d like to let you guys all know about an event here the day after you finish your race, and start a thread which might be of use to you planning side events and entertainment for the days you’ll be in the maritimes.
The event in Baddeck is on Saturday night, the 21st of June. Garnet Rogers will be playing at the Masonic Hall in the centre of Baddeck.
If you’re unfamiliar with Garnet Rogers, he’s one of Canada’s foremost folk musicians. Born in Ontario to parents of Nova Scotian descent, Garnet is the younger brother of the late (and more famous) Stan Rogers, for whom he wrote music, arranged and produced, and with whom he performed for over a decade. Since then, it seems he’s toured almost constantly, putting over a million kilometers on his old Volvo wagon before retiring it and getting a new old Volvo wagon. He’s good quality all around - I think he’s great, I’ve seen him about five times in my life, around Nova Scotia and in Vancouver and Vermont. He’s very talented and a good person too.
It’s a small venue and the 120 seats will surely sell out, so it would be wise to get your tickets soon. You can contact me at 902-295-3124 (or timbrooks1@hotmail.com) or Megan at (902-295-1468) for questions or tickets through the mail. Tickets are only $20 each (they’ll be $25 at the door, if any are left) - he usually charges more but he knows this is a small town and a small venue. Anyway it could be an excellent way to finish up your tour of Nova Scotia or kick off your travels in Cape Breton.

So, there’s one idea - does anyone else have any particular events or activities planned that they’d like to share? I know it’ll be a party as well as a race!

Tim in Baddeck