Ride The Lobster Promo - This is COOL!

I found this using “The Google”:



“one wheel, one race, one winner” surely either two or four winners?

I love the clock., down to the second.

I so hope this race is a success and becomes an annual event. Of course anyone who qualifies and rides is a winner. There is no way it could be JUST one. :slight_smile:

I just love the 36" ultimate wheels that they are all shown to be riding.

800km on one of those will be hard.


Aren’t there three people per team? But yes, four if you count the essential work of the support person. How is it two?

the slowest rider on the team gets nothing along with the support person :slight_smile:

one winner still makes sense though…lance was on team discovery channel, but he was the only winner, perhaps it’s like this?