Ride The Lobster Preview Photos

While the exact route is still being decided, it’s time to get serious about Ride The Lobster. Get your teams together, get your equipment together, get your qualifying rides done, and start getting into shape.

The stages will average 200K (except the Time Trial), and will get progressively more difficult as the race progresses, and the course takes us further north.

A week and a half ago, Nathan Hoover, Andy Cotter, Irene Genelin, Darren Bedford, and myself, Max DeMilner, were invited to Nova Scotia to get soem details work out, and get a sense for the terrain from a unicyclist’s perspective. We also attended promotional events in many of the towns stages will begin or end.

Check out my gallery

Nathan Hoover has also posted some pictures (featuring photos from the Cape Breton stage) on Smugmug

More details to follow. Get your qualifying rides done!


Great to meet you

Max, it was a hoot meeting you at the Gaelic University last weekend. Hardto believe so far from central Maine We would meet the “Famous Uni-Max!”
Good luck on the race promos.

Thanks for the links to all the pics. I’ve been up there before and am getting way psyched to go again in June! It should be a blast.

We’re workking on an update with a trip summary and other information - to be sent out this week. It was a great trip and the race is going to be incredible!


Hah…I LOVE those hats! Getting one of those might just be the ticket I need to convince my wife to let me go ride this thing after taking half of March off to ride Uninam. :slight_smile:

Just explain why RTL is so special. It’s the longest, most grueling unicycle race in HISTORY. There’s no certainly that this will ever happen again. You can’t miss it.

Or you could come up with some crack about having a couple mistresses in the neighborhood, so it would be better for her if you were in Nova Scotia for a week.

If we make an analogy between RTL and the film Gumball Rally, I’ll be one of the old guys in the Mercedes. My question is this: who’s going to play the role of those damn fake cops?

Great pictures Max! It looks like you all had a great time. That lobster is going to be a blast to ride.