Ride the Lobster: GPS info survey

Please read the basic info thread first that explains the race: Amazing Unicycle Race in Canada! June 2008

It is a relay race, but it’s 5 days long and each day covers an average of 160km. Each team decides how often they exchange riders. The “baton” is a GPS device (stats from which is the discussion topic here). The terrain gets harder as the days go on - by the 5th day you will be wishing you had more than just two riding teammates.

While there are a number of riders who could accomplish any single day of the race solo, I assert that doing the whole thing would be almost inhumanly difficult. Impossible for me, for sure. Perhaps training Lars Clausen style might enable someone to do it though. So I would listen to any serious proposal by someone who wanted to attempt it as I think there could be extra media interest if someone like that existed.