Ride Texas!

I live in Mesquite Texas and we have many parks I like to unicycle at. There is the White Rock park which is awsome. I unicycle tih the DFW unicycle club which i am newly a member of. They meet at Allen Skatepark in Allen, Texas or at Celebration Park also in Allen, Texas. a great bunch of people! where and when do you like to unicicle?

I ride in Temple, TX… nice parks to ride but I know of no other unicyclist in town. I’ve always meant to go to Austin and ride the river walk but as yet have not done it.

I’ve decided that on long rides I will wear lycra shorts. last week I went on a ride for the whole length around White Rock park in the city of Dallas. It was a doozy! Doing this 7 mile ride on a 24" uni takes a while. But I did it! the support that Lycra pants provide sure helped. I Feel that it is also an established look. I felt more in crowd with the cyclist. I received many great remarks from cyclist and other people. it was awesome!! “Impressive” was one of the words used. Others gawked at “my ability” lol. Now on to finding a good pair of shoes!!

Only thing i’d change is my sneakers for now. Tevas are on their way!

Does anybody have any sugestions as to what would be the most appropriate tennishoes to have for unicycling?

:sunglasses: I used to be in mountain bike racing. Its been a while but I thought about digging up my old race uniform to go out and ride around the neighborhood on my uni. I immediately felt the difference between using my regular shorts and my cycling lycras. its keeps you way cooler and the best part is that my family jewels never got in the way! I could better concentrate on what was going on around me. So definitely I will be wearing those from now on. I will try next to buy BMX or cycling specific shoes to see how it feels rather than my running tennis shoes.