ride stomach on seat

I have a good bit of questions that I would liked answered.

does anyone have any videos of you doing this?
how hard is it?
what is the best way to learn?

well I thought I had morequestions then that but I guess not. if I come up with more I will post them.

Sorry, I dont have a video of me doing this, nor do I know of a video with anyone doing it in.

The difficulty of this, well, there almost isnt any, you’ll probably get it on your first try.

Best way to learn? Ride SIF and then lean over and put your stomach on the seat, you can hold on with your hands, or keep them out for balance. Another way is to hold onto something while being SIF, then put your stomach on the seat, then start pedaling.

that sounds easy. i thought it would be hard by the way it sounded

I did it second time. how hard is it to take your feet off the pedals and glide

Glide stomach on seat???..Ive never heard of anyone doing that.

that would almose like hand WWing, only ahrder I think. Try it!

That would be hard, youd really have to use your legs and torso to balance, and falling would be a pain, skidding your whole body against the ground and on your uni, get me a full body guard and Ill try it though.

get me a full body guard and i’ll jump off the roof on an ultimate wheel

if only the guards would protect against breaking bones…

lol, Lets by hem a full body guard! I want to see someone jump off the roof on a UW!

It hurts man!

have you tried it

Yes a few times. Its way harder than normal gliding. I can go about 8 yards now but whenn you slow down get off don’t try and roll out of it.

you eated my brain…