Ride, Sleep, Repeat! Muni in the Tramuntana Mountain Range

A few days ago, I went on a test ride with the new 27,5" QX Q-axle disc muni in the Tramuntana Mountain Range (Mallorca, Spain).

Video: https://youtu.be/iZSUsr8Pnl4

Wow! Great video, well done!

I’m planning to go on a two days uni ride (70 Km) and I was wondering which backpack would be suitable for it (to hold the camping equipment, etc.).
I thought of 45L+5L backpack would be good.

Which backpack vendor and size did you use?


Thanks, I was facing the same issue before I left. I bought a 35L backpack (Tatonka vert35) and a 3L bladder for the trip. Without water and food the backback weighted approx 7kg and approx 10-11kg when I started with water and food supplies.

I think 45+5L is way too much for 2 days of riding. I already found the 10kg very limiting, so that I had to walk some technical sections that I would have enjoyed riding with a daypack. Rather than getting a larger backback you should try to reduce the weight and volume of your stuff. Take whatever you need to survive and then see how much comfort you can add without increasing the weight too much. E.g. consider taking a bivvy bag or a tarp rather than a tent.

Thanks a lot for the tips!
It is very helpful.

I just had a similar trip on “gransasso park” in Italy.
I decided to have a small-ish bag, about 5,2 kg with 2l water…
I felt that weight was borderline, one more kg and no more fun… At least for me.
To do this, I spent my nights in mountain shelters/rifugi/huts, so no need for camping equipment and cooking stuff.
When travelling with a mtb, I always sleep using hammock + sleeping bag, but on a muni you have to take some compromises.

Short and sweet. :grinning: thanks for sharing!