Ride-share to Moab Munifest 07

Would anybody out there like to ride-share from Grand Junction, Colorado to Moab?
I already have a rental car reserved.

Here is my schedule:
Thu, Mar 22 - 03:11 PM Grand Junction, CO (GJT)

Mon, Mar 26 - 11:30 AM Grand Junction, CO (GJT)

I am so excited to be going to the Moab Munifest for the 3rd year in a row!!

-Reid Jacobson
Atlanta, GA

I’ll be driving from Torrance, CA (los angeles county) and I’m interested in carpooling also! We could take my car or yours and share the gas expense. PM me if you’re interested; I plan on leaving either Wednesday or very early Thurs.:smiley:

If you wouldn’t mind leaving a bit earlier so I could take an international 10:51 flight I would be interested, its about a hundred bucks cheaper than SLC. How long of a drive is it from Moab to Grand junction?

If it sounds good to you then send me an email Asap at ntappin at gmail.com

If Grand Junction is cheaper for you, you’re better off flying in there; it’s about a 2-hour drive, as opposed to 4 hours from Salt Lake City. Plus Salt Lake City is a pit.

Sweet, well if you could let me know so I can book my flights before they double in price then I would be happy to help with gas money to and from grand junction.

I just checked and it looks like I can get one at one oclock instead, so please let me know as soon as possible if this works for you so I can book my flight without worrying about getting a drive.

I would still prefer the earlier one but I can do either if I need to, just that the earlier one leaves me with more gas/rental money.

MuniAddict and Ntappin,
Sounds good.
I sent Ntappin an email and MuniAddict a PM, with my phone number in both messages.