Ride report: Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire, UK

Last Saturday Me & Luke met with Simon Greenway & Toby Lewis at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire, UK for a ride in the woods.

We started at about 10am and after a bit of a warm-up in the car park we headed round the 3.1 mile circuit described as “for advanced cyclists”.

Although there was no rain the ground was quite damp which coupled with the chalky-clay soil made the roots slippery enough to cause a few falls, gladly we suffered no injuries from this.

The trail was quiet but we managed get a couple of surprised looks out of the reserved English countrymen riding bikes.

Toby amazed me as usual with his ability to ride his 20" freestyle uni over just about anything the trail had to offer and a few steep banks too.

The ride took us about 2.5 hours and was fairly non-technical apart from the odd crop of slippery roots. We also took in two sections of steep downhill.
Near the end of the trail Luke & Toby diverted up a long set of steps & they both managed to clear the full set. I tried but my technique seems all wrong as I find that I just bounce higher & higher with every step down.

When we got back to the cars, after a short eating session in the tea room, Simon got out his giraffe & tried a bit of off-road on it. This giraffe has a trials type wheel set & is geared up too.

I think we all enjoyed the session & will probably have another one somewhere in the Mid-South UK sometime soon.

I have posted 12 photos in the gallery:

If you’re there again, cross the Asomething road and follow the south downs way to the top of the hill and the ride back down it. It’s a great big grassy hill and you can go really really fast without worrying too much about falling off. Really great on a coker.


Yes, I know where that is as I have hiked through the area when walking the south downs way, anyway I was MUniing about 80 miles East of you that day on the other side of the South Downs, next time I will bring my powerful binoculars and look out for you.