Ride Report - Helidon

A group of 10 riders from Brisbane (including Tony Melton from NZ) recently took off for an overnight Muni trip. The destination was my sisters property at Helidon (below the Toowoomba range, QLD).

We found the perfect Muni balance.
1.Ride fast down fire trails
2.Put Muni into the waiting 4WD at the bottom and walk back up the hill without the Muni to slow you down.
3. Get Muni out of 4WD waiting at the top.
4. Start the downhill fun again.

The only problem was not having a dedicated driver. This meant that one of us had to miss out on each downhill ride - bummer.

Another concern was the bush fire that was raging about 10 km’s away. We were relatively safe where we were riding, but the lush growth and trees may soon be reduced to burnt remains. The houses may also come undrer threaet if the wind continues to blow and if the rain stays away. People who start fires for fun a not too bright.

When we were not riding we were eating too much food, drinking cold ones and playing card games that had rules that were far too complicated.

All in all a great time that should be repeated soon.

Wayne van Wijk.

But that doesn’t give you very good Gravity Karma. :smiley:

Nonetheless, I wish I was there.